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About GAMECELL studios...

GameCell is an independent game development studio dedicated to develop high quality digital games for leading mobile distribution platformes such as Apple App Store and Google Play...

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Tiny Witch


Slide, Fly and fight your way through a myriad of different enemies. Build up speed by sliding along the hills. Then when in the air use your wand to demolish your enemies before they attack you. The enchanted world is full of golden eggs, collect them so you can use them to upgrade your wand. Make sure you do so because the enemies in the latter stages are bigger and stronger!

Rollie is from the planet Sticktron and his people have gone on vacation and left him to watch over their world. So when alien bug like creatures invade Sticktron, it's Rollie's job to save the planet. But the alien bugs have turned the planets trap mechanism on. So Rollie needs to find keys to each of the sectors of his planet and turn the traps off. Game combines cool physics, tricky obstacles, and fun power-ups for quick and addictive pick-up-and-play.

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